Sadly around 65% of dogs in the UK are considered overweight. But did you know that the majority of the veterinary profession consider pet obesity to be the biggest health and welfare issue facing pets today?

So why do we care?

Obesity can cause a dramatically shortened life span and can seriously reduce your pet’s quality of life. It can also predispose them to or worsen a range of worrying diseases including:

dog on scales* Osteoarthritis

* Diabetes mellitus

* Heart disease

* Breathing difficulties

* Certain cancers

What can you do to help?

The main cause of obesity is eating too much or not exercising enough. There are also a few diseases which can make an animal appear overweight or make losing weight a challenge. If you are worried, bring your pet in for a check over with one of our vets who may do some more tests. Otherwise, here are some top tips on getting on top of your pets’ weight:

* Start a food diary and record all food eaten. This should help you identify where those extra calories are coming from and make it easier to decide where you can make cuts.

* Measure food portions accurately using scales

* Switch to a low-calorie dog food if you feel your dog appears hungry after each meal given

* Make sure nobody else is feeding your pet

* Avoid human food. One human biscuit can be the equivalent of an entire packet for a dog.

* Weigh them regularly

* Encourage them to eat more slowly

* Be patient! Try to aim for weight loss of 1-2% a week

* Increase exercise. Play with a bit of string or laser to get your cat moving. Take your dog out on an extra walk or play fetch for a little longer every day.

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