From the 23rd March, we are only available for emergencies. We will have exceptions for the ongoing cases and other urgent cases.

We will provide medication and we will endeavour to deliver medication to clients whenever it is necessary.

We are also signing for a televideo consultation service which will be available within 7 to 10 days.

All our staff from the 23rd March will be wearing protective clothing , including masks and gloves. At all times, we will provide our clients with masks and gloves to wear when it is necessary and we advise to keep yourself healthy for your loved ones, that you wear gloves and even masks while out buying food in public.

We have the policy of one client at the time and we ask that you wait in the waiting room or in the car while we are dealing with your pet.

There will be a 2 metre distancing in the reception between client and receptionist.

We thank all our clients for understanding, waiting and cooperating with our current circumstances for which we are all responsible.

BIG THANK YOU for keeping your social distancing, being at home, and please start wearing masks in supermarkets or in the streets as your PETS and LOVED ONES will need all of you to be well


Read further advice from the World Veterinary Association

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Puppy Parties

Puppy Parties

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